New Era of Women’s Pro Soccer in the Bay Area

Bay Cities FC Highlights Veteran Player, Katarina Comesana

It is no secret that the Women’s game is on the rise in this country. Professional leagues have begun to announce the creation of Women’s Pro League’s in hopes of creating more opportunities at different levels for female players to further their careers post college graduation.

Bay Cities F.C. is proud to announce its creation of the Women’s side of the club and future participation in the Women’s Independent Soccer League coming in 2022.

One player that has been waiting for more chances to play at the professional level here in the U.S. is Bay Cities F.C. player Katarina Comesana.

Photo Credit: Christian Murillo

Katarina is another Bay Area player with passion to grow the Women’s game. Born and raised in Santa Clara, CA, she spent most of her childhood living and playing for local clubs in the South Bay Area. “I started in AYSO, then played on my first competitive team at Santa Clara Stingrays then joined other clubs such as Orchard Valley Clash, and Santa Clara Stealth.”

“Growing up in the Bay area, I got to watch the ‘99 USA Women’s National Team play at San Jose State. I saw the CyberRays with Brandi Chastain. I went to countless Earthquake/Clash games. Also, I would go watch local Men’s and Women’s college teams like Stanford, Santa Clara, San Jose State.” said Katarina.

I proceeded to ask Katarina how her journey of being a Women’s Professional soccer player has gone for her. “It’s been hard! I have to make sure I am balancing my job with soccer along with my diet, training, and sleep. It’s doable but it can be exhausting. I am so excited for the day Women’s soccer players will be compensated for their talent like Men’s players so that we can focus on our sport, our true passion. It will advance the game as we know it. Until then, I work full-time to provide for myself and make sure I weight train around my soccer training.”

Photo Credit: Christian Murillo

Unlike many female players, Katarina has had some professional experience playing for the Peruvian National Team. “I can tell you there is no greater feeling than wearing the flag of where your family came from on the pitch. My Grandma and Father really are the ones who had this idea for me and supported me immensely throughout the process. I had always loved going to Peru growing up and the love of soccer there in infectious. To play over there is always amazing. Great food, weather, and family and friends to enjoy it all with. My favorite game thus far has to be when we played Argentina in the first game of the Pan American Games in 2019. We played on July 28 which is the Peruvian Independence Day and we did weeks of marketing our game so when the time came, we filled the stadium with Peruvians and the experience was unforgettable. Red and white colors throughout the stadium, music, cheers and songs throughout the whole game. I loved it so much.”

Katarina shows great emotion when talking about her new journey with Bay Cities F.C. She says, “I am so proud and grateful for the individuals who came together to make this happen for Women’s soccer. It’s been long enough with out a Pro Women’s soccer team in California. We have so much talent throughout this state! I can’t wait to see what 2022 looks like for us. I have gone to Pro tryouts in other states and it seems like there are so many talented players and just not enough teams! The NISA league will be the start of a new era of the game!”

Photo Credit: Christian Murillo

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