Bay Cities F.C. Takes a Draw Versus NISA Independent Cup Opponent, Cal Victory F.C.

REDWOOD CITY, CA- Sequoia High School was the place to be Sunday night. Bay Cities F.C. hosted its first ever double-header with the Women’s team playing earlier that day.

Bay Cities F.C. was coming off a 2-0 win versus JASA Redwood City so the confidence was evident in every player during warm-ups.

Both teams came out calm and collected considering the 80+ degree weather we were having that day in Redwood City. Both kept great possession with many scoring chances throughout the half.

In minute 39’ Cal Victory was able to capitalize and put one on the board before going into halftime. But Bay Cities came out into the second half looking to equalize and that is exactly what they did.  The team was able to put one in the back on the net in the first few seconds of the second half.

While both teams had a few opportunities to put away some game winners throughout the rest of the half, this game would end in a draw. This was a little taste of the matchup this will be in the NISA Independent Cup starting next month.

Bay Cities F.C. will play on Sunday, June 27th versus Project 510, affiliate of Oakland Roots. Tickets are now available for purchase at

Player Miguel Guerrero on his thoughts after the draw

“We started off slow and definitely got into it more in the second half, especially getting the goal within the first few seconds. So we just have to keep pressing on every defense and we have to continue to have our players who come off the bench play with that same high energy and bring more tempo.”

Goalkeeper Matthew Westly on what needs to be improved before facing Cal Victory again in the NISA Independent Cup

“I am definitely looking forward to that rematch, we had majority of the chances and I think if we had a few more minutes we could’ve put a few away so I think we just need to continue to work hard in practice and try to be perfect in every aspect of the game and I think we will take them next time.”

2021 Summer Tour

Bay Cities F.C. 1-1 Cal Victory F.C.

June 13th, 2021 - Sequoia High School in Redwood City, California